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Accumulation Table for Glass Containers

If factory downtime is required on a production line, our contraflow accumulation table acts as a reservoir for containers between processes, providing an area for them to aggregate. If a process further down the line requires maintenance, the previous processes...

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An Appetite for Work

We have recently congratulated a trio of our workers for notching up 125 years’ service. Alan Johnstone (63), Chief Engineer from Tayport, Ally West (64), Mechanical Fitter from Broughty Ferry and Gurmit Bhachu (67), Factory Foreman from Dundee were all...

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Mackays Jam Video Features Foodmek Cooking Vessels

Mackays, based in the Arbroath, have just released a brilliant video showing their production processes. The video, released on Twitter, shows Mackays jam bubbling away in Foodmek Cooking Vessels. Our Filling Machine and Conveyors make brief appearances too. Put the...

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Depalletiser Accurately Transferring Containers onto Filling Line

We have manufactured automatic depalletisers for a variety of different industries. Our machines will accurately unload and align a set of empty containers onto a conveyor system, which feeds onto the main production line. Once a pallet is in...

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From the Archives, 14 head Filling Machine

14 Head Rotary Filling Machine   This machine was made for filling preserves into containers. Containers travel along the infeed conveyor at a predetermined pitch towards the star-wheel. The pitch is such that the containers enter the star-wheel one at...

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