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Container Pasteurising and Cleaning Machinery

Container pasteurising and cleaning equipment will sterilise container head-space after filling, remove debris before filling or clean vessels after processing.

Container Pasteurising and Cleaning Machinery

Inverter Cleaners – A fully adjustable gripper chain style inverter blower which can easily adjust and will handle most types of jar and bottle made from glass or PET, including Globe jars and Hex jars. Containers travel down a gripper belt conveyor and are inverted. Air or water is blasted into the containers to remove any debris, making the containers safe for filling. Inverters can also be used to sterilise head-space inside containers.
Cleaning Containers Using an Inverter Cleaner

Overspray Pasteuriser – Over the years we have designed and manufactured numerous overspray pasteurisers/coolers and washers ranging in size to suit our customers required throughput levels, cooling/ pasteurising timescales and available factory space. Sends containers slowly down a tunnel on a set of conveyors. The containers are then sprayed with hot water to sterilise the headspace or cold water to cool the containers down.

Pipework and Machinery Cleaning

Clean-in-place Technology – Ensures that vessels are automatically cleaned after product manufacturing is complete or between batches.

‘Pig’ Style Pipeline Cleaning Systems – Foodmek have designed a simple but effective pig style pipeline cleaning system which is easy to install and very effective in product pipelines.


Cooling Tunnel

Installation of a Cooling Tunnel

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