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Filling Machines

We design, manufacture and install filling machines to handle liquids, semi-liquids and viscous products. Machines can range from the manually operated to fully automated.

  • Our filling machines can fill products into glass containers, cans and plastic buckets. 
  • The filling machine design will vary depending on your filling requirements and factory layout.
  • Designs include: Single-head manually operated, rotary piston, volumetric and inline weigh fill conveyors.
  • Output capacities range between 40 – 700 containers per minute. This will depend on the machine design and product characteristics.
  • Container sizes can range from 28g mini jars to 2.5L buckets.
  • No container, no fill devices fitted as standard.
  • Foodmek Rotary Filling Machines are all fitted with PETG safety guarding.

If you have any queries about your filling requirements please do not hesitate to contact our technical team.


Types of Filling Machines

Single Head, Manual Filling Machine – This manually operated machine is ideal for those who are looking to expand their home production capacity. They can also be used for product trials or smaller production lines. Products are fed to the machine via a hopper above the filling assembly. The operator uses a foot pedal to control the piston and open the valve to allow product to fill into the container. The capacity of the valve will be designed to suit your container size. Able to fill sauces, dips, chutneys and preserves into containers.

Rotary Piston – Fast and efficient method for filling jars or cans. Jars travel along a conveyor and are fed into a star-wheel using a feed scroll. The containers are then transferred onto the main filling head, which fills them as they move around the machine. 4 filling heads give an output speed of 60 jars per minute, 40 heads give output speed of 600 jars per minute. Video of a Monoblock Filling Machine.

Volumetric Filling Machine – Ideal for filling solids into cans i.e beans, peas, vegetables. Hopper is filled with vegetables, which are then directed by a guide into pockets around the periphery. When a jar is located under the pocket, a plate will open to allow the product to fall into the container.

In-line Filling Conveyor – This in-line filling machine can be used to fill containers without significantly impacting on production line footprint. Containers to be filled are sent down the conveyor system and pass through a sensor. Once the sensor is activated, the belt drops down, allowing the container to sit on a load cell. The next container in the line is held in place by a piston. The filling valve is opened and the container is filled until the required weight is reached, the load cells ensure an accurate fill. If required, the conveyor system can be fitted with castors to allow movement to different locations. Video of a Twin Inline Filling Conveyor System.


Additional Features

Rising Platform – Helps eliminate aeration in containers. Raises the container to ensure that the nozzle is inside before filling begins. The platform then lowers the container gradually as it is filled. This is good for products such as mayonnaise

Suck Back – A new feature, developed for products i.e. peanut butter, honey and pastes. When the product is viscous, the suck back feature helps eliminate drip. This saves on product waste.

Quick Change Cylinders – Easily change the cylinders when containers sizes vary, this means filling accuracy is maintained.


Products Filled

  • Sweet products filled by our Filling Machines include: Jam, marmalade, fruit syrup, spreads, peanut butter, mincemeat.
  • Savoury products filled by our Filling Machines include: Ketchup, mayonnaise, ready meal sauces, soup, pickles, pet food, baby food, pie fillings, pastes.


Filling Machine Change Parts

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