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Filling Machines

Our filling machines will handle liquids, semi-liquids and viscous products. Exact weight content for each container is ensured by volumetric filling.

Core Specifications

  • Our filling machines can range from single pump to 48 head fillers
  • Container size ranges – 28ml – 2.2L
  • Output capacities – 40 – 700 containers/min
  • No container, no fill devices fitted as standard


Types of Filling Machines

Single-head Filling Machines – Fed by a hopper and controlled by a foot pedal, these machines are perfect for those just starting to expand their home production. They are also used for trial testing or smaller production lines. Able to fill sauces, chutneys, preserves into containers.

Rotary Piston – Fast and efficient method for filling jars or cans. Jars travel along a conveyor and are fed into a star-wheel using a feed scroll. The containers are then transferred onto the main filling head, which fills them as they move around the machine. 4 filling heads give an output speed of 60 jars per minute, 40 heads give output speed of 600 jars per minute. Video of a Monoblock Filling Machine.

Volumetric Filler – Ideal for filling solids into cans i.e beans, peas, vegetables. Hopper is filled with vegetables, which are then directed by a guide into pockets around the periphery. When a jar is located under the pocket, a plate will open to allow the product to fall into the container.

Weigh Filling –  When containers reach the weigh scale on the conveyor, the filling machine is triggered and the containers are filled until they reach a certain weight. Read more about this in Conveyors.


Additional Features

Rising Platform – Helps eliminate aeration in containers. Raises the container to ensure that the nozzle is inside before filling begins. The platform then lowers the container gradually as it is filled. This is good for products such as mayonnaise

Suck Back – A new feature, developed for products i.e. peanut butter, honey and pastes. When the product is viscous, the suck back feature helps eliminate drip. This saves on product waste.

Quick Change Cylinders – Easily change the cylinders when containers sizes vary, this means filling accuracy is maintained.


Filling Machine Change Parts

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