Our Product Range

Handling Systems

We offer product and container handling systems, including tipper hoists and de-palletisers


De-palletising Handling Systems

Over the years Foodmek  have handled a variety of bulk glass/container depalletising applications for feeding containers onto production lines. These containers have included cans, bottles, tapered jars, tapered bottles and square jars. Options include, a fully automated de-palletiser and single pallet de-palletisers.

Tray De-nesters

Our Tray Denesters provide efficient handling systems to dispense trays into a production line. Most sizes and shapes of trays can be de-nested in a Foodmek system. This machine will separate individual trays and feed them onto a production line.

As with all Foodmek  products, tray denesters are manufactured in Stainless steel and are capable of meeting the wash down requirements of the food industry. Tray compositions include plastic, foam, and paper board.

Tipper Hoists

These units are designed to empty a selection of bins at a specified height. They are manufactured to withstand the toughest working conditions within hygienic environments, and are the safest solutions to emptying any type of bin at height within a factory environment.

The robust and easy to use design means that the operator only needs to wheel the bin into position and at the touch of a button the task is complete. This eliminates any manual user input, increasing productivity and improving operator safety. If required, the whole machine can be enclosed within a fully welded safety cage.

Each tipper hoist can be manufactured to suit any type of bin, barrel or tote and will tip into any specified receptacle or hopper.