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We design tanks and vessels to our customers’ processing requirements. They fall under 3 categories: Cooking Vessels , Holding Tanks and Mixing Vessels.

About Our Tanks and Vessels

We design, manufacture and install tanks and vessels for processing food and drink. Though we have provided vessels for companies outwith the food and drink industry.

We are involved in the industrial preparation of preserves, soups, ready to eat meals, meats and seafood, spice mixes, mixing dry goods in spices and also sauces. We are able to operate in the cosmetics industry and some of our customers can be found in the biotech industry.

We manufacture an extensive range of  vessels/tanks, from simple stainless steel holding tanks to vacuum cooking vessels. We have separated our tanks and vessels into 3 main categories, cooking vessels, holding tanks and mixing vessels. Designs are not limited, we can add mixing applications to cooking vessels, heating/cooling applications to holding tanks etc.

If your product needs to be cooked but you are concerned that it will burn onto the surface while cooking, we will add a mixing paddle with PTFE surface scrapers, to ensure you maximise the batch yield and minimise product loss.

Alternatively, if you require a holding tank to hold product between production processes, but need to avoid the product congealing, we have developed a swash plate tank. The swash plate tank is a steam or water jacketed trough fitted with swash plates. The swash plates rotate and create a flow inside the holding tank, ensuring that the product does not congeal by keeping it in suspension.

General Options for our Tanks and Vessels –

  • Steam jackets to cook product
  • Water jackets for cooling product or keeping products in suspension/maintaining a certain temperature.
  • Mixing/blending paddles
  • Materials we use for our vessels –  316 or 304 grade stainless steel and copper.
  • Hood options – Flat, Dished-end, Loading Hatch, Tulip style
  • Base options – Conical, Hemispherical
  • Capacity – 30L to 3000L
  • Clean-in-place technology
  • Vessel Extract – We offer different methods for extracting fumes and vapours. Can be a direct extract on top of the vessel or a self standing canopy to accommodate many vessels.


Tanks and Vessels

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